A working smallholding nestled in the heart of the Scottish Border hills

The Green House is set within a working smallholding where we have small flock of Shetland sheep, a native minority breed that are ideally suited to the wild conditions of the Scottish Borders landscape.  Originally from the Islands of Shetland, where they have developed in near isolation for around 800 years, the breed has steadily been introduced onto the mainland, particularly into marginal upland areas where they tend to thrive.  Shetland sheep are generally smaller than the commercial breeds, making them easier to handle and keep – important considerations for novice farmers.  They also carry distinctive fleece markings, making them generally more interesting to look at!

Hollinlee is a member of the Shetland Sheep Society and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, promoting the economic sustainability of these important native breeds.

We have a small fruit orchard containing several varieties of apples, plums and soft fruit bushes.  In the orchard we also keep a small apiary of native European black honeybees, which both ensure great fruit pollination and also provide us with a modest annual crop of wildflower honey.  They live alongside our Pekin and Spotted Hamburg bantam hens, which, besides looking pretty, do produce the odd egg every now and again!  We have recently hatched four Barnevelder hens and a cockerel, when they are laying we are able to provide guests with delicious fresh eggs.

In addition to conservation reasons, we rear our sheep primarily for meat.  However, we also process the clipped fleece, which we have made in to natural, undyed yarn in various natural shades.  Both meat and yarn are available for purchase by guests.   We make other produce available to guests when in season and when quantities allow, including honey.


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Guest comments

The Green House has worked its magic once again; from the skylark singing to the bullfinch on the fruit trees this has been a wonderful week and a haven of tranquility.  Thanks for all the cake-related cafe tips in the area and for your care, it's very much appreciated.

April 2018 17/06/2019